Utility Services

Responsibilities & Services

The Utility Services office provides administration services for Public Works-related items. This encompasses:

  • Billing and collection of over 12,000 water, sewer, and stormwater bills
  • Scheduling connection / disconnection for water and sewer customers


Sec 1 Title 30-A M.R.SA., § 3406

An Act To Allow Municipalities To Place Liens for Failure To Pay Stormwater Assessments

Be advised, effective October 15, 2013, the City of Lewiston will begin pursuing delinquent stormwater charges through the lien process. 

In accordance with Section 1 of Title 30-A M.R.SA., § 3406, any person failing to pay the stormwater service fee when due shall be subject to having a stormwater lien recorded against their property, to secure the payment of the outstanding charges. Said lien will be filed at the Androscoggin Registry of Deeds. To prevent the recording of the lien, all past due stormwater and interest charged must be paid. This lien takes precedence over all other claims on the real estate, excepting only claims for taxes and sewer.

If a lien is filed, you may lose your property unless you pay the charges, plus interest and the costs associated with the lien.

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