Wednesdays in the Park

Lewiston & Auburn Recreation Departments present:

WEDNESDAYS in the Park

A Celebration of our 39th Year!

All Performances at 10:00 a.m. sharp Rain or Shine!
Rain location: Hasty Gymnasium, 48 Pettengill Park, Auburn, ME

June 27, Dufresne Plaza
72 Lisbon St, Lewiston

Phil Smith

Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions is an award winning magician with over 30 years  experience!   You will witness minor miracles, juggling antics, comical moments with audience volunteers, to mind reading and maybe a live animal might make a magical appearance!!  Come and enjoy Phil's program which will widen your eyes and tickle your funny bone.

July 11, Festival Plaza 
112 Main St, Auburn

Mr. Drew and His Animals Too!

Drew has been interested in animals from a very young age. As a boy, he spent much of his free time in the local woods or by the waters edge. Over 40 years ago, he started keeping aquarium fish, this opened a new world for him ...SCIENCE! From that first aquarium, he learned and studied; geology, geography, biology, botany, chemistry, entomology, ichthyology and the list goes on. He is involved with the Boy Scouts of America, earning his Eagle Scout at the age of 16. Drew has worked in the pet industry for over 30 years. During that time, he owned and operated a pet store and an aquarium maintenance service. Drew is also a rehabilitator and outreach program for injured, neglected and unwanted exotic animals to either find them good homes or use them in his shows for educational purposes. He has written informational articles for magazines and has had a small segment on CNN on "Keeping reptiles healthy and warm in the winter". Drew has remained in the educational circuit as an Educational Technician, merit badge counselor and a guide for Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary and Mt. Apatite Geological Park. Drew delights all ages with his unique style, energy, knowledge and love for learning.

July 25, Simard-Payne Amphitheater
46 Beech St, Lewiston

Mad Science "Radical Reactions"

Are you ready for some crazy chemistry? Explore the difference between physical and chemical change in our Radical Reactions show! Kids will marvel at our demonstrations as we release a genie from a bottle, spew massive columns of foam with the use of a catalyst, turn water into juice, cause combustion to occur with no flame needed, learn how to tell the difference between acids and bases in a colorful chemical experiment, and watch a gummy bear dive to its doom in an eruptive chemical reaction.  Get ready to be amazed while you learn, because at Mad Science, all education is entertaining! 

August 15, Festival Plaza 
112 Main St, Auburn

Bryson Lang

Lang is a Comedy-Manipulator out of Andover, MA. He takes both ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary objects and literally spins them into a visual tapestry in a distinctive and dynamic way. Bryson’s high energy act will appeal to any age group. You don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind performance


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