Citizen Complaints

These are the ANNUAL REVIEW reports which are compiled and publicized in accordance to accreditation review standards. The Lewiston Police Department is accredited through C.A.L.E.A.

Reports pertaining to issues of Internal Affairs and complaints filed by the public as specified by C.A.L.E.A. Standards 52.01.04 and 52.01.05

-2017 PC/IA

-2016 PC/IA-
-2015 PC/IA-
-2014 PC/IA-
-2013 PC/IA-
-2012 PC/IA-

Further information regarding the agency's accreditation can be made available through contacting the Accreditation Manager:
Sgt. Derrick St. Laurent
(207) 513-3137 ext. 3303
Email Derrick St. Laurent

It is the policy of the Lewiston Police Department that it shall not discourage citizens in bringing forth legitimate complaints against the organization or personnel.


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