Name of Cemetery

Known Contact Information

Broadview Memorial
Barbara Bubier: 207-946-7300

City Lot - Also knows as Potter's Field or Soldier's Field

Clough Cemetery (also known as Crowley Cemetery)
Andrew Letourneau: 207-786-3480

Davis Cemetery
City of Lewiston

Dill Cemetery
City of Lewiston

Garcelon Cemetery
Lorraine O'Neil: 207-782-4672

Goddard Cemetery
City of Lewiston

Grand Army Republic (GAR)
City of Lewiston

Herrick Cemetery (also known as Barkerville Cemetery)
City of Lewiston

Mount Hope Cemetery (also known as Irish Catholic Cemetery)
St. Patrick's: 207-777-1200

No Name Pond Road Cemetery (also known as Wright's Cemetery)

Quaker Cemetery
City of Lewiston

Randall Road Cemetery
Patricia Payne: (Private)

Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery Association: 207-782-1681

St. Peter's Cemetery (also known as French Catholic Cemetery)
St. Peter's Cemetery: 207-782-8721

Location of Cemetery

379 East Avenue

67 Riverside Street (behind GAR)

31-32 South Lisbon Road

160 Sabattus Street

13 Avalon Street (behind the home)

287 Ferry Road (facing Cotton Road)

223 River Road

67 Riverside Street

934 Main Street (across from Stetson Road)

81-92 Mount Hope Avenue

41 No Name Pond Road

324 River Road

360 Randall Road

180-192 Summer Street

177-217 Switzerland Road