Library Board of Trustees

1/7/2020Mark Cayer, Mayor1/3/2022
1/7/2020Abdifatah Afrah, 46 Tall Pines Dr., Apt. 4
1/7/2020Barbara Benjamin-McManus, 16 Laase Ave.1/4/2022
1/7/2020Elizabeth Clifford, 14 Ware St.,1/3/2023
1/9/2018Sarah Gillespie, 65 Vale St.1/5/2021
1/7/2020Daniel Jenkins, 49 Robinson Gardens
1/8/2019Anne Kemper, 110 Pettingill St.
1/22/2019Mariah Pfeiffer, 168 Webster St.
1/7/2020Darby Ray, 15 Bearce Ave.
1/9/2018Edward Walworth, 8 Manning Ave.1/5/2021

The Board of Library Trustees is appointed by the Mayor to serve in an advisory capacity for the purpose of providing assistance to the Library Director and other municipal officials.  Trustees are appointed for three-year terms.  While the Board is primarily advisory, the City’s Library Ordinance charges the Trustees with policy setting authority in the following areas: identification and promotion of general library objectives; establishing the character and quality of books and other materials to be contained in the library collection; promoting cooperation with other libraries; providing effective programs and services to schools and other specialized groups in need of library service; and establishing and supporting cultural programs sponsored by the library.

For a full explanation of the Board of Library Trustees’ membership and responsibilities, see the City of Lewiston Code of Ordinances, Chapter 48, Article II, Sections 21 & 22.
Board of Library Trustees members may be contacted via email.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for the Board of Library Trustees meetings can be viewed at the Library.
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The most currently accepted meeting minutes of the Board of Library Trustees meetings are posted as soon as possible.
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First Thursday of each month for the months of September through May, at 5:30pm, 3rd Floor Conference Room, Library