Facade Improvement Program


The program's purpose is to encourage private investment that enhances the visual aesthetics of the downtown and stimulates economic development through financial incentives to owners of private, taxable, commercial buildings in downtown Lewiston.

Eligible Activity / Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for the Facade Grant program, prospective participants must be located in the designated target area of the downtown, may be a tenant with the owners permission or a private owner of a commercial or mixed use property. Eligible expenses may include: exterior building renovations/improvements including construction of new entry ways as may be required by MHPC or HPRB; exterior lighting, signage; windows; masonry repointing; and awnings.


The maximum amount of funding is $50,000 which must be matched on a 1:1 basis by the owner or tenant. Once the total cost of the project has been determined, one half of the City's portion will be a grant and one half will be a loan at 3% interest for up to 10 years.

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