Tenement Basic Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Tenement Guide for Fire Dept. Building Inspections


  • Building is numbered.
  • General Condition of Building
  • Porches/Fire Escapes clear of trash, debris, storage, grills etc..
  • Condition of porches & Fire escapes


  • General condition of interior
  • Detectors: smoke, carbon monoxide, fuel gas
  • Exit pathways clear
  • Sufficient number of exits that open without use of a key
  • Doors: solid core, metal clad or 20 min. rated without windows
  • Doors: all apartments numbered, self-closing and latching


  • General condition of basement
  • No trash, debris, excess storage
  • Condition of furnace/boiler flue pipe and chimney
  • Condition of oil tank, supply line, vent and fill
  • Covered sewer cleanout
  • Condition of electrical

Printable Copy of Inspection Form