Lewiston Leads

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The Lewiston Leads Program highlights individuals who are actively enhancing the vibrancy of Lewiston. As such, the Mayor and City Council members recognize leadership qualities and volunteerism or community service that promote Lewiston’s possibilities, resiliency, and opportunities.

Lewiston's elected officials, through personal experience or nominations, select leaders of their choice, and recognition occurs at City Council meetings. Recipients are presented with a Lewiston Challenge Coin symbolizing positive impact in Lewiston and to challenge others to become engaged as well.

Lewiston Leads Resolve Passed by Lewiston City Council

Photo Directory of Lewiston Leaders
(Most Recent Date First)

October 4, 2022:

Zam Zam Mohamud by Ward 1 Councilor Linda Scott - Described  Zam Zam as the "epitomy" of what the coin means and could write a book about all of Zam Zam’s contributions to the City of Lewiston.  She said when Zam Zam’s name is mentioned in schools, municipal departments, hospitals, and on just about any street in Lewiston, people know her name and bestow accolades. Councilor Scott said that Zam Zam is a “bridge that connects all in our city,” whether a lifetime resident or someone who has just moved here last week, to include supporting our youth at sporting events and offering help to those who reach out to her.  Councilor Scott regards her as “the true ambassador of Lewiston” and said she was beyond honored to recognize her.  

Megan Parks by Ward 7 Councilor Stephanie Gelinas - Recognized Megan Parks as an above and beyond hero and thanked her for volunteering to provide food, blankets, companionship, and needed supports to the underserved in our community who often just want to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.  Councilor Gelinas recognized Megan’s “servant heart,” adding that Lewiston is a better place because of Megan Parks.

Councilor Gelinas also praised Megan’s work as the Director of the temporary FEMA funded homeless shelter and COVID quarantine programs from April 2020 – May 2022, as well as being part of the citizen committee to develop a 24-hour low-barrier resource center to address homelessness in Lewiston and Auburn.  She added that Megan is a licensed DHHS foster parent, state licensed social worker, substance use counselor, and clinical supervisor, currently working as an in-patient psych and chemical dependency clinician, as well as has a private practice. Councilor Gelinas praised her involvement with Trinity Jubilee, Androscoggin County Jail, Lewiston Area Public Health Committee, City Spirit Committee, Lewiston Public Schools (LPS) Policy Sub-Committee, Chair of the LPS Drop-out Prevention Committee, and the LPS 6-8  Concept Committee  Megan also serves as the Vice-Chair and At-Large citywide rep on the Lewiston School Committee, now in her fourth term.  She is also a Certified Red Cross Disaster Response Provider.  

September 20, 2022:

Gary St. Laurent of St. Laurent & Sons Excavation, Inc.,  by Ward 4 Councilor Rick LaChapelle -  Recognized the 1970-originated business' long-time commitment to Lewiston, and since he took over the family business in 2005, the business has grown from 3 - 90+ employees.  Councilor LaChapelle said that the business is known throughout Central Maine as an innovative, cost-saving provider for commercial construction with outstanding personal service for residential projects.  Mr. St. Laurent has also served on various boards and committees, as well as supports local sports and hosts exchange students.  

Former US Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Tim Gallant by Ward 7 Councilor Stephanie Gelinas - She praised his tireless, humble work within the community to include serving on the Lewiston Planning Board, going above & beyond as a member of the Rally for Recovery Planning Committee, and facilitating Barriers to Bridges to assist those seeking recovery from substance use disorder, always wanting to assist the most vulnerable.  Councilor Gelinas also stated that Mr. Gallant volunteers at a local food pantry and assists with a weekly meal distribution at Pathway Vineyard Church.

Program Launch - September 6, 2022:

Klara Tammany by Mayor Carl L. Sheline - Recognized her leadership in establishing the Center for Wisdom's Women and Sophia's House, resources that offer women safe-haven and support to build community, find resources, build self esteem and resiliency, as well as empowering women survivors of addiction, trafficking, and incarceration through holistic healing in a shared community. Center for Wisdom's Women and Sophia's House.

Josh Nagine by Ward 1 Councilor Linda Scott - Recognized his ongoing contributions as President of the Androscoggin County Land Trust and his willingness to be of assistance, at a moment's notice, to build up, promote, and advocate for the City of Lewiston. Androscoggin Land Trust

Tiana Warriner by Ward 3 Councilor Scott Harriman - Recognized her leadership as Director of the local R.E.S.T. Center (Recovery, Employment, Support, and Training), a resource for those experiencing substance use disorder and those seeking recovery. The Rest Center