Lighting Up Lewiston Tribute Page

The City of Lewiston and the Downtown Lewiston Lighting Committee wish to thank the many sponsors of globes to light up Dufresne Plaza on Lisbon Street for the 2020 holiday season.  This beautification began the winter of 2019 with Kennedy Park decorated with a multitude of white lit globes.  It is intended that "Lighting Up Lewiston" will continue in a new area each year.  Below are those who donated for this year in memory of a loved one, in tribute to someone, highlighting a special occasion, or for the love of community. Thank you!  

Honoring Ron & Doris Russell - 50 Year of Marriage in February 2021
By Le Messager 

Celebrating 75 Years of Serving This Community
Community Credit Union

In Memory Of
Lorraine Labbe Crawford
By Carmen J. Cohen

Blanche & Leo Breton
Paul & Polly Robinson

The 7 "Hiscock Sisters"

  • Edith Payeur
  • Violet Emerson
  • Millie Hamblin
  • Ruth Hiltz
  • Gloria Brown
  • Alta Rogers
  • Betty DeCoster

By Cousins Dottie Perham-Whittier, Bryn Hamblin, Jennifer Goode, Kim Baker, Janice Ramsdell, Judy Hiltz, Kristen Hescock, Chelsea Rivers-Stein

In Memory of Rachel B
By Dirigo Federal Credit Union 

In Memory of Armand A. Dufresne, Jr.
Daughter Louise Houde & Family

In Memory of Armand A. Dufresne, Jr.
Daughter Pauline Charest & Family

In Memory of Armand A. Dufresne, Jr.
Daughter Carmen Dufresne & Husband Michael S. Dixon

In Memory of Armand A. Dufresne, Jr.
Granddaughters Renee Frail & Marie Dufresne-Dixon

Honoring the Lewiston Police Department & All First Responders
Paul's Clothing & Shoe Store 

Honoring All Front-Line Workers During the COVID19 Pandemic
Rep. Margaret Craven

#Jaseystrong and Thank You Essential Workers
Dirigo Federal Credit Union

Globe 1:  Honoring Its Youth Leader Recipients Who Are Making This World a Better Place:  

  • Riley Stevenson 
  • Conrad Gabrie
  • Dominic Ferry
  • Zamzam Elmoge
  • Hope Rubito
  • Isla Wilson

Globe 2:  Honoring Its Employees Who Share Their Talents & Work Hard Every Day to Ensure Each of Their Client's Story is Heard
Berman & Simmons  

Bergen Lamendola
Tamera Grieshaber

The Lewiston Public Library Staff
Friends of the Lewiston Public Library

Amy Worden Smith
Jennifer Worden Chuter
Ruth Worden

For Love of Community

Councilor Alicia Rea

Maple Way Dental Care

Carl Sheline

Munka Coworking

Tom Platz

Platz Associates


Andrucki and King

D'avinci's Eatery